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Equipping churches, pastors, staff, and leaders to ignite their church and become digitally relevant to today's digital culture.


Digitally reach a digital culture for Jesus.

There is a new digital missions field! Our mission here at Church Igniter is to equip churches with the knowledge to reach a digital culture for Jesus effectively. What does this mean? Over the last fifteen years, we have seen and worked with churches that try to guess, follow other churches, or don't understand how to be digitally relevant. Most churches don't know if they are reaching people effectively digitally via their church website, Church Mobile app, or social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Most churches we see use these areas as dumping gowns for everything they are trying to do at their church, hoping maybe something will work but only wasting time and church money.
In the same way, churches are using dozens of different apps and church or corporate software to try to be effective but just getting more frustrated and overwhelmed as a staff. You can see that this is too much to understand for a small or midsized church, so as a church, we push it aside, hoping this will solve itself. Church Igniter is changing all that over the last seven years, and we have been helping churches in these areas to be more effective and not feel frustrated, powerless to understand all this. The Bible says, "Without vision, my people perish" Proverbs 29:18. Sadly 90% of churches in the world today have no vision when it comes to reaching a digital culture digitally for Jesus. It's time to use these digital tools to connect with new visitors on your church website, mobile church app, and social media effectively, communicate more clearly to your church family via social and mobile and reach the unsaved of this digital culture for Jesus simply without being overwhelmed.

Church Igniter


Equip the Church Digitally.

For over seven years we have helped churches digitally connect with their church family for greater church awareness and connect better with new church visitors via their church software solutions, their website, social media, ministry event promotion, radio, and church communication. 


Our church software platforms have reached over 1 million church users.


We have had over 3,000 installs of our church software platforms.


We have helped over five hundred churches in different areas of digital church growth.


We have helped churches for over 7 years and love every moment of it.


Be Digitally Relevant. A Clear

Picture How.

In a culture that does everything from watching movies, shopping, ordering food, communicating & sharing with people via social media, banking, monitoring their health, listening to music, unlocking and controlling their cars and the list goes on. But sadly most churches have no idea where to start and just guess most of the time. Let Church Igniter help grow your church digitally with the items below.

Digital church growth bootcamps

The Bootcamp 

This is for the church that wants it all. "The Bootcamp" is our all-in-one Bootcamp combining all our Boot camps into one giving you the ability to save and equip your entire church team at once.



Church Bootcamp

This Bootcamp is a slimmed-down version of our "The Bootcamp." Gives your church team the basics to move forward with digital strategies grow your digital church presence. 



Pastors Bootcamp

The Pastors Bootcamp is designed to educate your pastor or pastors on the current digital culture and how to be more relevant to a digital culture by providing digital strategies from them.



Leadership Bootcamp

Give your church leadership teams the strategies and knowledge on leading their ministry teams with digital strategies with this Bootcamp. This is a great investment in your church leadership.



Ministry Teams Bootcamp

Most churches ministry teams have personal experience but not professional experience using digital technologies to communicate, promote and reach your current church and new visitors.




Book us to speak at your church.

Book us to speak at one of your church events, conferences, or with your church staff. We love being part of what churches are doing digitally.